gianluchino (gianluchino) wrote in gayboys,

new memberrr

Name: Gianluca
Location: Seattle, WA
Age: 18
Status: Single
Favorite band: Klaxons & Sufjan Stevens
Favorite color: I love all colors!
One random fact about you: I grew up in Italy

Looking forward to chitchat with all of you!!! If you feel like adding me, please do! I need some journals to read. lol
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You look like this lad I know from Berkshire lol.

Italy? Cool. You speak any Italian? I grew up in Ireland and Karachi :) And now in Northern England blaaaahhh.

Adding yooooou

-Ali xxx
Cool :)

Yeah, I speak Italian fluently--I am a halfie, afterall!

I lived in Preston for a few year as a kid. :) It was pretty cool.
Surprisingly, I haven't listened to Klaxons for while. But no one is East US even heard of them. >_>.

And I might be visiting Italy during my Spring Break. ^_^'
What part of Italy?

And I'm glad someone else in this country knows the Klaxons. I've been the 'music evangelist' here. xD
I believe Florence (basically so we could gain knowledge of the Renaissance). I don't know much about the trip at the time. "We're suppose to focus at the task given at hand" quoth my teacher.

LOL. So true. Barely anyone knows that The Butterfly Effect is a band also.
Firenze is sexy :)

I really hope you have fun!
That's so cool about growing up in Italy. Do you like it better here or in Italy?

I'll add you.

ps- you're cute.
Honestly, they are two completely different experiences, both with pros and cons..

I can't lie, though--I do miss my country!
Whoa, you look interesting!
Italy?! Thats so cool! do you mind if i add?
K thx

ps. i think we have the same camera, then again, i could be wrong.
that's my brother's camera, actually. Mine is more archaic haha.

Add away!
welcome to the group, qianluchino