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A group for gay boys to discuss whatever topics come to mind. Music, appearance, social stuff. Hooking up, getting together, breaking up. Pretty much anything goes, and brace for occasional drama. While the name of the community is "gay boys", it's open to anyone who exists or interacts with the GLBTQQIA community. Picks up (or tries to anyway) where the old gay_boys community left off.

Just a few guidelines: If you're posting something that is NSFW, please post under a LiveJournal cut tag. If you don't know what that is, click here. Also, be kind to people still living in the stone age—large pictures kill dial-up modems, so post under cuts. Anything that violates American or international law will be removed, including things that could be harmful to minors—link that stuff to your community or an outside webpage instead. If drama happens, don't whine to the moderator about it—deal with it in your own way. Lastly, DO NOT promote other communities here. Links to MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Friendster are okay.

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